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Coastal Sharpening of Florida, Inc.

Blade and Saw Sharpening Service

Pensacola, Florida

Price List

Paper Cutting Knives - Single Edge/Bevel

Table Top Paper Trimmer

($2.00 per inch per edge (up to 60"***)

(Blades over 60", contact us for a quote)

($1.00 per inch per edge***)

Large Planer Blades

($1.00-2.00 per inch per edge***)

Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Blades

(Please contact for quote)***

***$20 minimum per job for blades sharpened on our Industrial Knife Grinding Machine)***

Prices are for average worn blades, to remove deep gouges or chips, price may be higher.

Chain saw chain - Removed


Hedge Trimmer

($20.00 depending on size)

Hedge Clippers


Pruners - Hand Held




Grass Clippers


Single Bit Axe


Double Bit Axe




Small Scissors - up to 3"


Meduim Scissors


Large Scissors/Shears - 8" and up


Electric Clipper Blades - (Disassembled)

Disassemble, sharpen, and reassemble



NOTE:  Blades may need to be adjusted by customer once installed

Kitchen Knives - $3 and up depending on length

Pocket Knives

($5.00 and up)

Hunting Knives

($5.00 and up)


($5.00 and up)

Wood Chisels - hollow grind

($3.00 and up)

Lawnmower Blade


Spade, Shovel and Hoe


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Quality work, quick service, fair prices

and complete customer satisfaction

Sharpening Service | Pensacola | Coastal Sharpening of FL.

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